School holidays

At the starting of the school holidays I went to see the smurfs in holiday program, but we couldn’t because when we were ready to go in it was to full.By the time we were told that it was about half over, so we needed to watch a different movie.

Last day of school

yesterday was the last day of school for the term. It was very fun because we needed to make a bridge out of small marshmallows and hard peaces of spaghetti and we had to put waits on the bridge to see how much grams it could hold. I did triangles because their the strongest shapes.mine could hold 270 grams.


 At swimming yesterday, it was swim staftey day so we needed to go in the pool with our swimming bathers, shirts and shorts on. It was a test. So we needed to go in the pool and do some swimming with life jackets on.We also learnt some tricks.

Hood winked

Last week on Tuesday, we went to see a show called Hood winked. There were two sides, one side was rich and the other was poor. The poor people had a password, it was Hood and they needed to wink three times. The rich side showed off, to the poor side to make them feel angry and hurt. Luckily there was a very clever person called Robin Hood. A group of people had a plan, but that didn’t work, so Robin Hood got put in the dungeon. The girl from the rich side helped the poor people come up with a second plan, because she liked them better than the rich people.  They released Robin Hood, and then the girl told Robin Hood the part that he needed to do of the plan.  Robin Hood won and so the bad man needed to work for Robin Hood and the good people.